Mr. Jack Rich

Chairman Belema AId Foundation

    TEIN TEINBO SELEYEFUBARA JACK-RICH.,is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur with a great sense of business-development from zero level to point of elegance through God’s divine lead.

    Jack-Rich was born on the 28th day of January in the year 1975, to a humble family of Elder and Mrs. Teinbo Saturday Seleye fubara Jack-Rich, in Rivers State, Nigeria from the Kalabari extraction in the Niger Delta.

    In the mid 80’s the Teinbo’s family moved to Kula Community (then under Degema LGA) which is now under Akuku-toru LGA in Rives State due to circumstances beyond their control where mother nature took Mrs.Teinbo’s life, after a brief illness. Some years later Elder Teinbo also took ill and passed on to meet his beloved late wife.

    At the age ten (10), the responsibility to be a man was naturally bestowed on young Jack-Rich who had no father, no mother nor any guardian except God Almighty to chart the way out of the most chronic level of penury which himself and two other siblings of his late parents were faced with. Out of the same hardship, he lost his younger brother who was just two years old to mother-nature due to ill-health suffered with no medical care because of poor village live.

    As it was with every child that grew from the creeks of the Niger Delta, growing up was not a bed of roses for Jack-Rich as he spent countless times at 10-15 years paddling canoes into the far ocean with elders for fishing from 3pm in day-one of journey to 6am the next day to ensure a great catch and to return home with another 6 hours of paddling canoe without a single sleep. These he did including other menial jobs of all manners just to make a living as a young lad.

    Toiling day and night fishing in the cold hands of troubling sea waves was the only life an orphan-boy had, deprived of modern day socialization. But despite all the challenges of life, he had his concentration in his Creator and persevered, while believing and holding on to his core growth values as a lad. Today, he is a worthy son of Communities in the Niger Delta, including his, Nigeria and Africa at large.

    Through thick and thin Jack-Rich persevered, holding on to faith in God and belief in the power of grace as he identified with Christianity at the age 12.Young Jack-Rich through faith developed a self-motivation tool and called it the Three (3) Dimensional Formula to Greatness namely: –

    1. The power to Create;
    2. The power to Invent out of your creation and;
    3. The power of Discovery.

    These Three formulas walked him through the basic endeavors of life and upon return to the city, he joined several skills building but poorly-paid jobs ($0.33 per day) through which he arrived at his success destination.

    While he was working creatively with maximum amount of love, loyalty to employer and dedication to duty as if the future lies in that job; he kept his faith and believe in a greater future. He further got a revelation and invented his Three (3) Fundamental Qualities to Success namely: –

    1. Hard Work;
    2. Humility and;
    3. Compassion for Humanity.

    Upon these inventions, he intensified his love for his poorly paid job of less than 33 cents per day, which can’t secure any future for him, yet he held on to faith.

    The young boy later got an insight and discovered another great tool needed to stay focused as a young orphan and called it the Three (3)Basic Principles to Greatness namely: –

    1. Time to Polish;
    2. Time to Shine and;
    3. Time to Launch.

    Adhering to the strategic divine insight as a young lad through God’s grace and favor, there emerged a turnaround when a USA based oilfield firm call Dickson International from Louisiana offered an employment to the young boy at 21. Change in story set in after twelve 12 years of stunning labor.

    After twelve year of hard work and growing through the ladder of success into the oilfield operations, Jack-Rich founded J+G Global Gas & Oilfield Limited in 1998 and other subsidiaries to provide oil and gas related services such as pipeline works, oil field personnel supply, oil producing facilities upgrade, gas processing facilities installation, production operations profiling for oil flow optimization both offshore, swamp and onshore for US, UK, Norway, Singapore and Nigeria based international operators and services providers. As at June 30th, 2018, Mr. Jack-Rich has put in 20 years beside the twelve years (12) as a workman in the upstream oil and gas as efficient technical service provider and Operator, as an emerging entrepreneur.

    Today Mr. Jack-Rich is the President/Founder of Belemaoil Producing Limited, being the first indigenous oil Exploration and Production Company in Nigeria to emerge from an oil producing Community in the heart of Niger Delta.

    A dream made possible by American dream-builder and oil giant called Chevron Nigeria Limited, on the 1st day of June 2016. This epoch-making history also came with its own peculiar challenges wanting to make mockery of God’s finished blessings but President Muhammadu Buhari and GMD NNPC, Dr. MikantiBaru intervened to make history a huge reality for Belemaoil.

    Today Belemaoil is the Operator of NNPC/Belemaoil JV, with NNPC 60% and Belemaoil 40%.

    The establishment of Belemaoil Producing Ltd is to efficiently explore, develop, and produce hydrocarbons to its full value-chain ranging from production, refining, gas processing, power generation, petrochemical products, fertilizers production to support commercial size agriculture and other commodifiable hydrocarbon products.

    Jack-Rich sees oil and gas earnings as the right economic catalyst for large scale industrial growth able to liberate Nigeria from the cold hands of the world most advanced economic corridors and usher her into the Committee of economic independence with abundance increase in locally made goods and services for export, thereby reducing huge economic migrants into world developed nations.

    As a philanthropist, driven by his values to give back to the Society, he established Belema and the Jack-Rich Foundation and has awarded scholarship to hundreds of students,some of whom have graduated from schools in Canada, Ghana, Ukraine, UK, USA, Malaysia, Nigeria, North Cyprus, and the Philippines.

    Also, in the 600 years of his Community’s existence, the Community have been fetching water for food and drinking from the same polluted stagnant stream and well water he also drank from as a lad in the village. In those wells and streams waters,contains all manner of reptiles, bacteria, mosquitoes including snakes looking out for prey. A community with so much oil wealth, do not have hospitals, no functioning schools, no roads to the city as they still travel by poorly built marine boats without any safety measures and other socio-economic amenities.

    Today Mr. Jack-Rich and his Foundation have provided for his Community the best portable drinking water with a ph. value of 7.5, the best drinkable water any oil producing host Community ever had in Niger Delta. He is currently embarking on 85km road construction for the Community to link up other Communities in similar conditions to access modern day cities and lives. He has also declared same selfless support across Nigeria with footprints of industrial type portable drinking water in three locations per State for struggling Communities with evidence of completed projects and ongoing projects in Bauchi State, Gombe state, Katsina State, Rivers State, Sokoto and other States being progressed to be supported.

    All of these is anchored on his belief often expressed in his words: ‘’I’m not the owner of the wealth brought into my care, it is to impact generations positively. Wealth stockpiled without placing it in motion to create other wealth is a stagnant wealth capable of causing toxins, it is destructive and can be a curse to me if I fail to create wealth for others’’. He has also employed over 2000 youths with plans for 12,000 more to meet their life goals and positively serve as ambassadors of wealth creation in the larger dimension nationwide.

    He also believes that Nigeria is the economic trigger and strength of Africa in all frontiers;therefore, we are better together, greater together and stronger together because God made us together not in error.

    We are complementary in so many fronts, having the smartest human and material resource in planet earth is divine. All we need is a change in paradigm to speak Great of Nigeria, pray for Nigeria and start blessing Nigeria for a prosperous future for our unborn generation.

    Jack-Rich studied Petroleum Production Technology in Panola College Cartage,(Texas USA and Business Administration in University of Wales, Business Management with Usam University with several Fellow and Doctorate award within and outside Nigeria, including ongoing academic works with world class universities to improve his skills in order to succeed in higher responsibilities.

    He is a multidimensional strategic thinker, a motivator, strong believer in Great Nigeria where her God’s given mineral resources can be tapped as economic springboard for sustainable and brighter future, a role model to Nigerian Youths and the Niger Delta in particular. He is married to his amiable wife, Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth Jack-Rich and they are blessed with a daughter.