David Villa Clark

CEO Aleto Foundation

    David Villa-Clarke BEM, MBA is the Aleto Foundation CEO and a Director at DVC Wealth Management Ltd living in Epsom, United Kingdom.

    His passion lies in mentoring individuals, companies or NGO’s to achieve their full potential, whether that be personal or financial.

    David’s interests range from volunteering to entrepreneurship, he is also interested in not for profit educational causes and social mobility. As an accomplished Toastmaster and Public Speaker David enjoys sharing success and motivational stories.

    As the founder and president of Project Volunteer, David has been working with orphanages in Botswana for the past 12 years, encouraging volunteers from the UK to work on his giving back programme, which runs fun development holiday camps for the children.

    His role as CEO of the Aleto Foundation, sees David working with young gifted students to enhance their leadership capabilities and ultimately support them through obtaining and progressing through their career of choice.

    David was recognized for his services to charity with the British Empire Medal in the Queen’s 2017 New Years Honors list. He currently supports three main charities; Project Volunteer, http://www.project-volunteer.org/ which works with orphans in Botswana. The Aleto Foundation, https://www.aletofoundation.org.uk which works with students to get them into leadership positions in the UK, and the homeless charity Cardboard Citizens. https://cardboardcitizens.org.uk/

    Watch David’s TedX talk here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATJ2HGiwo40